GLORY & HONOR is a New York City based jewelry company that was founded by Crystal Garcia in 2012. GLORY & HONOR was conceived and crafted in the fall of 2012 by designer and CEO, Crystal Garcia, after several impactful solo trips around the world. 

Intrigued by design and inspired by jewelry, Crystal sketched out an entire collection of rings and cuffs pulling her design aesthetic from a mixture of cultural and architectural influences. 

A California native with roots in San Francisco and a background in tech, Crystal relocated to New York City to build the GLORY & HONOR brand. 

GLORY & HONOR's design philosophy is centered around the beauty of symmetry, past eras, and encompasses structural candor with a sophisticated edge. 

GLORY & HONOR has been worn by the likes of Chrissy Teigen, Ashley Benson, Sarah Barthel of Phantogram, Sincerely Jules, Kristin Bazan, and Chloe Norgaard.